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Get started with data driven marketing and discover something new about your website visitors today.


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Triggerbee gives you

Profile Cloud

Identify prospects and segment your visitors based on their interest.

Powerful Automation

Create flows that enhance and automate your marketing and sales. 

Better e-commerce

Know what visitors abandoned the product in the card, and help them resume their purchase. 

Total freedom

Makes the apps that you already use to work together. Only use the best apps for your needs. We have ready-made integrations with the most popular apps.

451% more sales-ready leads

Create high converting popups that generate more leads without having to involve developers.



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Get started with data driven marketing in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Copy and paste a script to your website

Step 2: Integrate with your existing e-mail marketing app, CRM and other apps

Step 3: Ready! Now you can harvest the fruits of data driven marketing!


Frequently asked questions

Can I see what my subscribers do on my website after they've clicked on a link in my newsletter? 

Yes, and if you're using one of the email providers that we're seamlessly integrated with, you can also identify the visitors email adress. Triggerbee continuously profiles every identified visitor over time, which means that you'll always have an updated database of what your visitors are interested in.

Is Triggerbee a good fit for both E-commerce, SaaS and B2B companies?

Yes. It doesn't matter what business you're in, Triggerbee will be a great fit. After you've registered an account, you will get immediate access to insights that can identify both companies and visitors. You can see who abandoned their shopping cart, and you can easily automate any marketing or sales activity with the help of Triggers. If you're a bit more selective about who you want to interact with, you can also do this right in the visitor view.

But, I'm no developer. How much help would I need to set this thing up?

None at all. Triggerbee is built for ease of use and you will be able to do whatever you want, without the help of any developer or IT-consultant. 

What does it take to get started?

Not much really. We'll set up your account and you'll also get a personal customer success manager to help you get started.

What separates Triggerbee from Google Analytics?

While Google Analytics tells you how many visited your website, Triggerbee will tell you who they are and what they did. Triggerbee integrates your website with your email marketing service and your CRM. This makes it possible for you to segment your visitors based on their behaviour and interests, and also display personal offers. 

What makes Triggerbee unique?

Triggerbee connects the tools already in your marketing stack: Mailchimp, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Livechat, Wordpress, Adobe Campaign Manager, Rule, Compost, etc. Triggerbee gives you your own Profile Cloud over your visitors and target audience. Based on the history of each visitor, their interest profile and the segment they're in, you can personalize your communication, set up automations, increase conversions and grow your e-mail list in a far better way than any competitor.