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marketing eCommerce

Personalize your communication from the inbox to the website by engaging your website visitors based on their activity, interest, and where they are in the customer journey.



Sales Business-to-Business

See who's visiting your website, track email subscribers or leads visiting your website from email campaigns, and see what your prospects are doing when you're not looking.


data-driven marketing

Data-driven marketing made easy

Recent studies shows that 85% of all companies are trying to be data-driven, but only 37% say they’ve been successful.

Collecting actionable data is crucial if you want to stay competitive, and this means you need more of the right data.

Triggerbee’s marketing platform helps you act on the data you collect and build online experiences that treat every buyer as an individual, even if you're targeting anonymous website visitors.

We enable you to leverage the data you already have about your customers and prospects (in your email and CRM systems), to enable more intelligent interactions, tailored to every individual buyer.

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Build Your Own Marketing and Sales Stack

With Triggerbee you can keep the services you already use and build a tool stack that allows you to go to market quickly and then build onto it later, so there's no need to adopt solutions that you can't or won't use.

A selection of marketing and sales tools that integrates with Triggerbee

 An identified visitor with information and activities from their visit

Insights that drive sales

Triggerbee Leads helps you make more data-driven decision. identifies companies visiting your website, automates the tools you already use and converts traffic into sales with behavioural marketing. Perfect for B2B businesses.


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Data-driven Lead Generation

Let me ask you this: Are your website visitors taking action? Or are they just leaving? 

Triggerbee Engage turns unknown visitors into subscribers and customers. Only show an offer to those who are interested, and avoid 


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 15 Minute Setup

2-Minute Setup

Most customers tell us: “I can’t believe how easy it was to set up Triggerbee”. Just copy + paste a script onto your website to start.


Pricing that makes sense 

Pricing That Makes Sense

With Triggerbee you won’t get locked into an ecosystem or pay for updates. Plans start at $49 a month and grow only when you grow.


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"We got a deal worth $3000 thanks to Triggerbee's integration with Livechat"
Jimmy Lundegård
"Triggerbee lets us work with our choice of email marketing tool and our CRM. The cost paid off in the first month."
Emil Robertsson

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But why isn't your communication? Imagine knowing exactly who your visitors are, what they’re interested in and being able to communicate to them as individuals.