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Core Design Blocks

Use these design elements to create more personalized onsite campaigns for every occasion and audience.


Use containers to further customize your widget inside the canvas.


Use columns of two or three to group different blocks together.


One of the most important elements to inspire action from the visitor.


Add images to accompany your copy and match the feel of your campaign.


Create engaging copy to grab your audience's attention.


Create space around your blocks and improve the look of your campaign.


Add that extra touch to your widget with ready-to-use sticker designs, or make your own.

Close Button

Ideally, you don't want your audience to opt out. But a close button should always be available.

Interactive Action Elements

Use these interactive blocks to inspire action and gather data, whether it’s an input field, buttons or a countdown.

Input Fields

Use Input Fields to collect data from your visitors, such as email addresses and phone numbers.

Radio Buttons

Use radio buttons when collecting data from your visitors, e.g. gender.


Add a checkbox to have your audience pick from different options.


Collect consent from your visitors, especially useful for GDPR in EU.


Use a timer for short deadlines, to have the visitor perform a certain action in the same session.


The deadline element is used to create hype and/or FOMO around your promotion.

Coupon Code

This element adds a field for a promo code along with a copy-button.

Single-use Coupon Code

This element lets you connect the copiable promo code to a coupon set with unique coupon codes.

Submit Button

Use the submit button when you have a form in your widget, i.e. something you want to "submit" to Triggerbee.

Tiina Tauru

“I like the simplicity of creating and designing campaigns in Triggerbee”​

Erica Terranova

“Triggerbee is my favorite tool! It has helped us to build a larger fanclub, increase engagement among visitors and allowed us to get more visits from newsletters to the website.”

Targeting Options

Target The Right Audience

Segment and target your audiences using CRM & Triggerbee data.


Select from current audiences or create new ones, e.g. logged-in users.

Session Conditions

Combine the audience with conditions such as browser settings, javascript expression or UTM-tags.


Select trigger(s) to decide when the campaign will be shown (e.g. "after X views").


Prepare your campaigns and set when they start and end.

Display Path

Enter paths of your webpage to either hide or show your campaign on.


Use variants to split your audience within the same campaign


Ask Your Visitors Directly With Surveys

Have your audience answer surveys onsite to collect opinions and ratings, which you can analyze and follow up on.


Use NPS to measure the willingness of customers to recommend your brand.


CSAT measures how satisfied the customer is with your product, service or meeting, among other things.

Star Rating

Let customers rate touchpoints with handcrafted star ratings.

Thumbs Rating

Let customers rate touchpoints with a thumbs up or down.

Smiley Rating

Let customers rate touchpoints with various sets of ready-to-use smileys.

Numerical Rating

Let customers rate the touchpoints from 1 - 10, or even 1 - 100!

Referral Marketing

Launch Referral Campaigns Onsite

Let your customers become brand advocates by spreading the word.

Share with friend

The main widget for referral campaigns. This opens a native share menu for mobile users and supported browsers.

Triggerbee Features

Native share menu

This element opens up the native share menu on a mobile device and supported browsers (Edge, Safari)

Fallback copy-button

A copy-button will display on browsers that don't support native share menus, to ensure everyone can participate.


As well as...


Create automatic workflows to streamline your work.

A/B Testing

Test different offers, form lengths, button texts, tone, and much more.

Beesly - the AI Assistant

Generate copy with Beesly, your AI copywriting assistant.


Embed any custom content using frame, for ex. showing videos in campaigns.

Key features and capabilities

Audience and repetition control

You have full control over who see's your campaigns, and what happens after a campaign interaction.

Survey response targeting

Target customers and subscribers using their historic survey responses to target specific audiences.

Campaign scheduling

Schedule campaigns in advance to never miss a big promotion or member announcement.

Advanced behavior targeting

Target your campaigns based on devices, traffic source, historic form submissions, and more.

A/B testing

A/B-test messages and promotions to find the perfect balance between acquisition and profitability.

CRM-based targeting

Triggerbee integrates and syncs with your CRM to fetch segments, identify web visitors, and more.

Trigger actions in your CRM

Trigger an action in your CRM when a member performs a certain action on your website.

Enrich CRM contacts

Send behavior-, survey-, and contact data to your CRM to create better Email & SMS segments.

Slide-in forms

Show one form field at a time, and turn filling out large forms into a better user experience.

Text & button animations

Text and button animations to grab attention and create engaging content

Phone input with country picker

Collect phone numbers with the correct area and country calling code.

Countdown timers

Create FOMO by counting down to a specific date or just using hours and minutes.

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Triggerbee Features