Triggerbee lets you discover what your visitors really want.


Analyze and Segment

Analyze your visitors behaviour and segment them based on what they're interested in.


Personalize and Engage

Understand your visitors and with the help of big data, create content that truly engages.


Integrate and Automate

Connect Triggerbee with existing tools and automate previously manual tasks.


Advanced Analysis for Everyone

You don't need to be in computer science to understand your visitors behaviour. Triggerbee's user-friendly interface is sure to give you more "WOW"-moments, than "What?"-moments. Discover things like:

  • How many visitors read your blog?
  • How many people abandoned their shopping cart?
  • Which competitors are spying on you?

Just copy-paste the tracking code to get started. It doesn't take more than 43 seconds.





Engage your visitors

Engage and convert your visitors with personalized conversion widgets which include messages based on previous actions, events, and interests.



Automate Marketing and Sales

Triggers allow you automate tasks and control what happens when a visitor fulfills any goal on your site.

  • Send an email when a visitor has watched your entire embedded Youtube video.
  • Send an email to your sales team when a visitor has left their contact information.
  • Move subscribers between lists in Mailchimp based on their website actions.





Integrate Your Tools

With Triggerbee you don't need to start from square one. Easily integrate with your existing tools and keep doing what already works, albeit more effectively!


Read more about integrations

See Who Abandoned Their Shopping Cart

Put labels on visitors who have abandoned their shopping cart. Next time they visit your website you can give them a discount, or a friendly reminder that they still have products in their cart.