Felix Langlet

Felix is a self-taught marketer and the head of marketing at Triggerbee. He is specialized in SEO, content marketing, and copywriting. Outside of work, you can find him spending time with his family, listening to podcasts, or watching documentaries.

Apohems loyalty coupon reminder popup

Apohems Membership Coupon Reminder popup

Challenge Apohem wanted to boost engagement and coupon redemption rates among their loyalty members. How they did it Apohem identified members with unredeemed coupons in their CRM, synchronized this data with Triggerbee, and created a specific audience in Triggerbee. They then designed a beautiful, targeted popup in Triggerbee, which was targeted to the CRM segment …

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Mios missing member information popup "Missa inte alla härligheter! Visst vill du ta del av våra kampanjer och massor med inspiration? Uppdatera ditt medlemskap med en e-postadress så får du våra nyhetsbrev med smarta tips, trendspaningar och mycket mer"

Mio’s Missing Member Info Popup

Challenge Mio had some email addresses in their CRM without email marketing consent. They wanted to collect marketing consent from these subscribers when they visited the website. How they did it They started by creating an audience segment in Voyado containing contacts without email marketing consent. They then synced this audience to Triggerbee, and created …

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Nordic Nests login nudge

Nordic Nests Login Nudge Callout

Challenge Nordic Nest wanted to boost user engagement and increase logins among existing members who returned to their website. How they did it Nordic Nest used Triggerbee to create a popup aimed at existing members. They used CRM data, device data, and custom JavaScript conditions to effectively target the right members. They started by setting …

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Proteinbolaget birthday greeting

Proteinbolaget’s Birthday Greeting Popup

Challenge Proteinbolaget wanted to enhance customer engagement on their website and decided to do so by celebrating customers with birthdays using a targeted popup campaign. How they did it Proteinbolaget started by using Voyado to create audience segments. Once these segments were defined, they synchronized them to Triggerbee where they built and launched a website …

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Kicks personalized Loyalty Reminder

KICKS Loyalty Points Reminder

Challenge KICKS sends out membership discounts based on your membership status and many people forget to redeem their bonus checks and reward points. How they did it To activate their club members and improve their engagement rate, they used Triggerbee to create and target campaigns to members with unused points and bonuses. The message in …

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Bubblerooms Pre-launch Popup

Bubblerooms Pre-launch Popup

Challenge Bubbleroom had an upcoming design collaboration together with influencer Lovisa “Lojsan” Wallin. To maximize their results, they wanted to do a pre-launch campaign to get people signed up to be the first ones to buy something from the coming release. How they did it Bubbleroom created two campaigns for this launch. Both campaigns were …

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