Recommended Positions for Embedded Campaigns

Embedded content layour example

Invisible personalization is a term used to describe the act of customizing a user’s experience without them being aware of it. While this may sound like a daunting task, it’s actually not as difficult as it seems. By leveraging data and using various techniques, you can easily create a customized experience that will feel less intrusive for your users. One of those techniques is using embedded campaigns.

Embedded campaigns are injected onto your site rather than laying on top like popups or panels, to enhance the feeling of the campaign being a part of the editorial content. Embedded campaigns can be placed anywhere on the website depending on your needs and possibilities. But there are some placements that we always recommend to use for embedded campaigns.



Embedded campaigns placed on the Cart page: Top Banner & Bottom Banner


Embedded campaigns placed on the Startpage: Top Banner, Mid section boxes and Footer

Product Page:

Embedded campaigns placed on the Product page: Top Banner, Below Pricing & Below description

Category Page:

Embedded campaigns placed on the Category page: Variant 1 - Top Banner, Below Filter & Product banner / Variant 2 - Top Banner & Product cards

So, there you have it. Our recommended ways to place embedded campaigns. We hope that this information helps you create successful and engaging, yet unintrusive, experiences for your customers. Give it a try!

Recommended Positions for Embedded Campaigns
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