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Triggerbee at D-Congress

Anna Åström

CSM Manager

Triggerbee at D-Congress

Frida Palmgren

Customer Success Manager

Triggerbee at D-Congress

Olof Törnqvist


Booth G02:28

Triggerbee at D-Congress

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Settings available in Beesly are discount code, language, strategy, brand category, target audience, and campaign purpose.

Beesly AI: Triggerbee's AI assistant that writes copy in 30 different languages

A preview of Triggerbee's library of templates to choose from.

How personalized onsite campaigns work

Triggerbee at D-Congress

How you can use your CRM data to personalize your site

A chart from Triggerbee which shows the growth of subscribers and clicks

How you can gain more members, and create personalized experiences for existing members