Thinking of trying an Optimonk alternative?

Just like Optimonk, Triggerbee lets you design and publish personalized content, promotions, and forms on your website. But with Triggerbee you also get surveys, referral marketing, and the most advanced targeting rules in the industry. And with an easy-to-use drag and drop editor, person-level data collection, and conflict-free design, Triggerbee is a top Optimonk alternative.

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How Triggerbee is different from Optimonk

Better targeting options

Triggerbee offers 41 audience targeting criteria, and it's what we do best. The right message, at the right time, to the right person.

Better analytics

With Triggerbee you get more than a simple conversion graph. Track identification rate, survey responses, NPS, and more.

Perfect for multi-domain brands

Define audiences and share them to all your accounts. Share campaigns, brand settings, and customizations across account groups.

Triggerbee’s software makes it easy to design and add personalized content to your website. Whether you want to replace an entire website section with a promotion aimed at returning customers, hide an email signup form for existing email subscribers, or show an NPS survey for your loyalty members, Triggerbee will let you do that.

Triggerbee and Optimonk side-by-side comparison

Top Optimonk AlternativeTop Optimonk Alternative
Pricing€39 - €149. Custom pricing available.€39 - €249. Custom pricing available.
Paid plan free trial14-days no credit card requiredFreemium
Audience targeting criteria4118
Blocks in editor4021
CRM TargetingKlaviyo, Mailchimp, Rule, Custobar, Voyado, MailerLite (soon)Only Klaviyo
Popups and calloutsTop Optimonk AlternativeTop Optimonk Alternative
Drag and drop editorTop Optimonk AlternativeTop Optimonk Alternative
Mobile specific stylingTop Optimonk AlternativeTop Optimonk Alternative
A/B-testingTop Optimonk AlternativeTop Optimonk Alternative
Unique discount codesTop Optimonk AlternativeTop Optimonk Alternative
Customer profilesTop Optimonk AlternativeTop Optimonk Alternative
Partial form submissionTop Optimonk AlternativeTop Optimonk Alternative
Referral MarketingTop Optimonk AlternativeTop Optimonk Alternative
Net new email validationTop Optimonk AlternativeTop Optimonk Alternative
AnalyticsTop Optimonk AlternativeLimited
SurveysTop Optimonk AlternativeLimited
Annual discount20%20%
Triggerbee Logo

Triggerbee is an onsite engagement platform, and we focus on giving you everything you need to create engaging and highly converting messages and content on your website. 

What makes Triggerbee unique is that our software offers a lot more than overlays and forms. Like tracking of individual visitor’s behaviour, and user identification. 

When your customers returns to your website, Triggerbee remembers who they are, what they’ve done, where they came from, when they visited last time, and lets you use this data to target them with relevant content. 

This means that you can target segments from Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Voyado, Custobar, Emarsys, and Rule with relevant promotions, offers, and messages. You can also target visitors based on previous interactions, survey responses, and 40+ other variables. 

Another benefit with Triggerbee is that your customer’s website activity is directly synced with your marketing automation software, which helps you create better email and SMS segments. 

Triggerbee's Pricing

Starts at €39 / month.

€69 / month:

€149 / month:

All Triggerbee plans also include: 

April 3, 2023

“A gamechanger in terms of who we can target”

With Triggerbee’s interest profiles you get both behavior data and zero-party data about your customers, which is a game changer in terms of who we can target with messages, or promotions on our website.
Top Optimonk Alternative
Jakob Marshall Olsson
Website Manager | Flowlife
Optimonk Review

Optimonk is a website personalization platform with a heavy focus on A/B-testing and conversion rate optimization. They offer a range of features, including the creation of popups, overlays, and notification bars, with an easy-to-use editor.

Similar to Triggerbee, Optimonk can target Klaviyo segments. But beyond Klaviyo, they do not seem to offer CRM-based targeting. 

If you are running a business in the Nordics, you might use a local marketing automation tool, which means you won’t be able to target your CRM contacts on your website. If you’re running a Shopify store and just want to get some new email addresses, then Optimonk will be a great fit for you.

Optimonk, just like Triggerbee, works on any CMS (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Centra, etc) by pasting a script-snippet onto the website. 

All in all, Optimonk is a highly competent software. But Triggerbee offers slightly more features related to onsite engagement and building a first-party audience compared to Optimonk.  

Optimonk's Pricing

Starts at €39 / month

€99 / month

€249 / month

Why is Triggerbee a great Optimonk alternative?

tim agerblom

“By using Triggerbee we’ve increased our customer base by over 40% from 12 months ago, and our average order value is €20 higher for purchases made with the discount code. Great tool and top-notch customer service”

Tim Agerblom | E-commerce Manager, Didriksons

Triggerbee vs Optimonk
user experience and feature comparison

Both Triggerbee and Optimonk have a modern UI and good user experiences. But Triggerbee offers better analytics, customer insights, a better campaign editor, and have almost 2x as many targeting options. So if you’re looking for an Optimonk alternative with more targeting options and a bigger feature set for a cheaper price, look no further.

Triggerbee's customer profiles

The customer profiles in Triggerbee is really what makes it a great Optimonk alternative. Triggerbee can identify your contacts when they visit your website from an email campaign, AND it also remembers them. This means that your contacts don’t need to convert in a Triggerbee form before you can exclude them from your campaigns.

On top of that, Triggerbee collects behavioural data about each visitor, and ties historic visitors together. This data can be synced to your CRM and be used as a segmentation criteria. 

Optimonk's customer profiles

Feature does not exist.

Triggerbee's dashboard

Triggerbee’s dashboard is very comprehensive, giving you everything you need to keep track of your performance and engagement in real-time. 

Purchases & revenue are tracked with javascript, and sent to Triggerbee. You can also see your identification rate, which indicates how many people you can serve with personalized experiences. 

Optimonk's dashboard

Optimonks dashboard is nice and clean, with one graph showing your conversions and an overview of your campaigns in the bottom. 

Note: for the assisted revenue and average order value, Optimonk are using impressions to attribute conversions, which can be a bit misleading.

Triggerbee's campaign editor (40 blocks)

With over 40 building blocks and powerful post-submission settings, Triggerbee offers a great editing experience. 

With features like email validation, partial submit, and the ability to show large forms in increments, Triggerbee’s editor is designed based on customer feedback, and seems to fit the bill for most mid-large ecommerce brands. 

Optimonk's campaign editor (21 blocks)

Optimonks editor offers 21 building blocks and detailed editing options. On a normal 13″ screen, the editor feels a bit squished. 

They offer very detailed editing that is simple and intuitive. However, the editing options are divided on both the left and right side, which can be confusing.

Optimonk campaign editor

Triggerbee's targeting rules (41 options)

Triggerbee lets you target anyone, using both your CRM, behaviour, and interest data. We focus on fitting into your existing marketing stack and helping you get more out of the tools you already have. 

Triggerbee is the only standalone software that allows you to target your CRM contacts on your website, in combination with both first- and zero-party data.

Optimonk's targeting rules (18 options)

Optimonk offers a robust set of targeting options and triggers. They also offer Klaviyo segment targeting, just like Triggerbee, but they do not have a segment targeting option for other common email tools which is the main difference between Optimonk and Triggerbee. 

They offer a few options that Triggerbee don’t, such as ad-blocker targeting.

Optimonk Targeting Settings
Moomin membership contest

Moomin’s Membership Raffle

Top Optimonk Alternative

Cellbes Embedded Autumn Quiz

Top Optimonk Alternative
Top Optimonk Alternative

Jula’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Top Optimonk Alternative
Top Optimonk Alternative

CLN Athletics Black Week Early Access Popup

Skinroller Influencer Campaign
skinroller logo

Skinroller’s Onsite Influencer Popup Embedded Hero Banner
Top Optimonk Alternative

Dunken’s Embedded Personalized Banners

Top Optimonk Alternative
Top Optimonk Alternative

Frank Dandy Halloween Fullscreen Popup

Top Optimonk Alternative
Top Optimonk Alternative

Nordic Nest Black Week Signup Popup

Top Optimonk Alternative
Top Optimonk Alternative

Jula’s Social Media Contest Nudge

Top Optimonk Alternative
Nudient logo

Nudient Device Selector Popup

Apohems loyalty coupon reminder popup
Top Optimonk Alternative

Apohems Membership Coupon Reminder popup

Apohem's loyalty program signup popup.
Top Optimonk Alternative

Apohems Membership Signup Popup

Nordic Nests login nudge
Top Optimonk Alternative

Nordic Nests Login Nudge Callout

Proteinbolaget birthday greeting
Top Optimonk Alternative

Proteinbolaget’s Birthday Greeting Popup

Efva Attling's onsite campaign
Efva Attling

Efva Attling’s Onsite Influencer Greeting

Kicks personalized Loyalty Reminder

KICKS Loyalty Points Reminder

Miss Mary's Size Selection Popup
Top Optimonk Alternative

Miss Mary’s Size Selection Popup

Top Optimonk Alternative
Bubbleroom logo

Bubblerooms Pre-launch Popup

A Cart Recovery popup from CLN Athletics
Top Optimonk Alternative

CLN Athletics Abandoned Cart Popup

Apohem Solskyddsquiz Popup
Top Optimonk Alternative

Apohem’s Product Recommendation Quiz

Klars discount reminder
Top Optimonk Alternative

Klar’s Discount Reminder Popup

Frank Dandy
Top Optimonk Alternative

Frank Dandy’s Gender-targeted Newsletter Signup

A day's march welcome discount popup
A day's march

A Day’s March Welcome Discount Popup

Boomerang Back in Stock Reminder

Boomerang’s Out of stock reminder

How other brands use Triggerbee

Triggerbee key features and capabilities

Audience and repetition control

You have full control over who sees your campaigns, and what happens after a campaign interaction.

Survey response targeting

Target customers and subscribers using their historic survey responses to target specific audiences.

Campaign scheduling

Schedule campaigns in advance to never miss a big promotion or member announcement.

Advanced behavior targeting

Target your campaigns based on devices, traffic source, historic form submissions, and more.

A/B testing

A/B-test messages and promotions to find the perfect balance between acquisition and profitability.

CRM-based targeting

Triggerbee integrates and syncs with your CRM to fetch segments, identify web visitors, and more.

Trigger actions in your CRM

Trigger an action in your CRM when a member performs a certain action on your website.

Enrich CRM contacts

Send behavior-, survey-, and contact data to your CRM to create better Email & SMS segments.

Slide-in forms

Show one form field at a time, and turn filling out large forms into a better user experience.

Text & button animations

Text and button animations to grab attention and create engaging content

Phone input with country picker

Collect phone numbers with the correct area and country calling code.

Countdown timers

Create FOMO by counting down to a specific date or just using hours and minutes.

Top Optimonk Alternative

Triggerbee is the favorite tool of customer centric E-commerce brands

Top Optimonk Alternative

Higher revenue and a rapidly growing customer base

Triggerbee has allowed us to create more personalized popups and campaigns, resulting in higher revenue and a rapidly growing customer base


Felicia Hammar, CRM Manager


Our average order value is €20 higher

By using Triggerbee we've increased our customer base by over 40% from 12 months ago, and our average order value is €20 higher for purchases made with the discount code. Great tool and top-notch customer service

Top Optimonk Alternative

Tim Agerblom, E-commerce Manager


We're able to create a personalized experience on site

With Triggerbee we’re able to create a personalized experience on site, guide our customers to the products they’re looking for and improve conversion.

Top Optimonk Alternative

Vanessa Kuslap, Head of Growth


It's a game changer in terms of who we can target on our website

"With Triggerbee’s interest profiles you get both behavior data and zero-party data about your customers, which is a game changer in terms of who we can target with messages, or promotions on our website.”


Jakob Marshall Olsson, Website Manager


Triggerbee is my favorite tool!

Triggerbee is my favorite tool! It has helped us to build a larger fanclub, increase engagement among visitors and allowed us to get more visits from newsletters to the website.


Erica Terranova, Growth Marketing Lead 


The average order value is 53% higher

“In just 2 months, we captured 10,000+ new email subscribers. We have been able to A/B-test and analyze results in an easy way, and the average order value is 53% higher for customers that have used the code in Triggerbee’s campaigns.”


Erika Skalman, E-com Sales Manager


Signups have increased between 50-300%

We have more signups and higher conversion rate since starting with Triggerbee. Signups have increased between 50 - 300% depending on placement, offer, and targeting.

Top Optimonk Alternative

 Simon Hallberg, E-commerce Manager


Triggerbee is not just about popups

Triggerbee is not just about popups, it's much more than that. From personalizing based on behaviour to data enrichment in our other systems, which other competitors didn't have.

Top Optimonk Alternative

Patrik K, E-commerce Manager


I like the simplicity of designing campaigns

"Triggerbee has allowed us to capture new club members and email subscribers, but also to increase the use of bonuschecks and personal offers. I like the simplicity of creating and designing campaigns in Triggerbee, and have received helpful advice and support from my contact person.”


Tiina Tauru, Online visual merchandiser


Increases our conversion rate

Recruiting new members has become easier, and helped with the increase of redeeming personal offers. We are able to remind customers about their bonus checks, which also increases our conversion rates.


KICKS Marketing team


The way we work with data today has changed alot

The way we work with data today has changed a lot since we started using Triggerbee. We have been able to send out more relevant email campaigns with the data from Triggerbee, and we can use data from our CRM to target visitors on our website.


Jakob Marshall Olsson, Website Manager

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