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AI Chatbot: background

Demands for availability and quick resolution and feedback of customer issues are increasing.

Chat is rapidly growing as the preferred channel for contacting customer service across all age groups.

The AI technology NLP gives the modern chatbot the ability to understand human intentions in written text, which together with the platform’s design for contextual understanding makes the chatbot extremely powerful

Hello Ebbot AB is the leading Swedish player in live chat/chatbots and related platform.

Chatbots are a growing feature among small and large companies in almost all industries.

Hello Ebbot’s solution is flexible and applicable in most businesses that have some type of support/service, internally or externally.

Hello Ebbot has launched bots for more than 70 Swedish companies and organisations, 8 of which are in the public sector.

Hello Ebbot automates on average 63% of incoming cases via chat for its customers.


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