Informator hits all-time-high with Lean Marketing Automation

Digital has always been a major sales channel for Informator, but their latest marketing drive made the real difference – fast.  

As number 1 in the Nordics, Informator has trained professionals in IT, project management and leadership for 25 years. Out of thousands of weekly visitors, some are customers – some could be. Some visit to find ways to sharpen their knowledge, some want certification for their existing competence level.

Informator’s vision was to enhance the web site experience for each visitor – by providing relevant content based on visitors’ profiles and history. The road map included improved searchability of courses, optimized booking flow, traffic boost with SEO and advertising.

Adding Triggerbee Marketing Automation allowed Informator to increase conversion rates through:

  • increased dialogue with customers thanks to content targeting and chat invites on the website
  • segmented and relevant e-mails
  • personalized website
  • lead nurturing
Triggerbee let us work with our choice of email marketing platform and our choice of CRM. The cost of Triggerbee paid off in the first month.
Emil Robertsson

Every day Triggerbee identifies valuable visitors in the visitor stream – providing qualified leads to the sales team


By adding Widgets and Chat to our web site, we have achieved a better dialogue with our customers, which in turn has led to better ability to spot and assist hesitant visitors in finding and registering for the right course. Conversion Widgets give the visitor increased support, and gives us at Informator a higher conversion rate.
Mikael Hollqvist
Online Sales & Marketing Manager

Did it work?

By the end of 2014 Informator reached an all-time-high in website bookings: the overall increase was 20% from last year, while the sales increase from e-mail driven visitors was 41%.


Emil continues:  

“We will continue to invest in our digital channels to become even more relevant  for each visitor in each channel. Triggerbee paid back already the first month.”  

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