Triggerbee featured in the Top 500 Fastest-Growing SaaS Companies by Latka

Triggerbee Onsite Personalization Platform

Triggerbee featured in the Top 500 Fastest-Growing SaaS Companies by Latka

Triggerbee has seen major growth in the past few years and we’re happy to feature as one of the Top 500 Fastest-Growing SaaS Companies by Latka. Since Triggerbee’s inception in 2015, the company has changed from focusing on B2B lead generation to offering an innovative personalization tool for e-commerce companies.

We are dedicated to helping companies increase engagement and conversions online while also making the internet more personalized and relevant. The benefits of using SaaS like Triggerbee, is that it’s scalable and easily accessible over the internet, while offering various ways of improving the customer journey on your website through personalization. 

What exactly is personalization? It’s the practice of using data to create tailored online customer experiences. The easiest examples to give (in the context of e-commerce) are elements such as product recommendations, audience-specific promotions and the use of first names in communication. It’s important to do this to maximize the value of your customer base and improve the customer experience for increased loyalty, customer retention and repeat purchases. 

Our goal is to grow even further and help even more companies with creating the ultimate experiences online. Today, Triggerbee enhances the customer journey for many companies in e-commerce and we have several case studies publicly available, including KICKS, Bubbleroom and more. When you ask yourself how exactly your company can grow, personalization should be much higher up the list of priorities. Part of our mission is to make a case for why it’s important to work on personalization and how great of an investment it is.