What’s cooking in the Triggerbee product team?

Our team is working on some really exciting features. Our mission has always been to help you personalize the customer experience on your website, but that also means collecting valuable and meaningful data that you can use for targeting and choosing the right message for the right audience.

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Personalization is more than just being able to target an offer to a specific customer. It’s also about collecting data that you can use to inform your sales strategy, targeting audiences outside of your website, and more.

With that said, here are some of the things currently in development that will soon be available in your account.

Multi-step forms

 What's cooking in the Triggerbee product team?

Multi-step forms collect data by just showing one form field at a time. Filling out a long form is not a good experience, so splitting up a longer form, one field at a time, over multiple steps, reduces friction and makes it less intimidating to fill out.


 What's cooking in the Triggerbee product team?

Surveys are super valuable when used right. We’ll be preparing some templates for you to try immediately when it’s released, but NPS surveys and CSAT surveys are the first ones to be released as templates.

Tip: Run a survey to your visitors asking them which features they value the most, or if there are any products they wish you had in stock. This will help you reduce overstock and make sure the next product you sell will be a home run.

All surveys will have the same targeting capabilities as any regular campaign, so if you want to only show your survey to ex. customers, new members, or returning customers… you can!

Entry and Exit Animations

 What's cooking in the Triggerbee product team?

Entry and exit animations are great for drawing some extra attention to your campaign by making it appear by fading in or sliding in from one side of the screen.

One last note
Got a feature request or are curious about what is currently planned in the roadmap? Go to https://triggerbee.canny.io to create a feature request or vote on other people’s requests to help us build what you need.

P.S. Some of these features will appear in your account over the coming weeks. Initially, everyone can use the features for free, but some of them will eventually become paid add-ons as they mature.



 What's cooking in the Triggerbee product team?
Olof Törnqvist

Olof is the co-founder and CEO of Triggerbee. He has over 25 years of experience as a developer, and started his career at Icon Media. When Olof is not at work you can find him spending time with his family, cycling and coming up with new solutions to problems.

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