How to Improve E-commerce SEO with ChatGPT


2023 will be remembered as the year when Artificial Intelligence (AI) moved from being a science fiction phenomenon to a tool that anyone can use. E-commerce is no exception in this context.

Today’s AI tools offer multiple ways to improve and simplify Google optimization for your e-commerce business. In this article, we show how to make content production more efficient with ChatGPT, a free yet powerful tool. We also share prompts that you can use right away to save resources.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an advanced AI model that is publicly available online. It can understand ordinary questions and instructions from humans and provide answers in the form of text, code, and tables. Responses arrive within seconds.
Using ChatGPT is free, but a paid version is available that offers some advantages like quicker responses and access to the latest AI model which is more capable.

How to Give AI Instructions

The interface is in the form of a chat. What you write in the chat is called a “prompt.” Unlike commands in an operating system or programming language, there are no strict rules for how a prompt should look in ChatGPT. You can write naturally and invent what you wish to ask the AI to do.

That said, it can be beneficial to be inspired by proven prompts to achieve desired results.

Resolve Common SEO Problems for E-commerce with AI

Search engine optimization is a broad subject, and AI can assist in most aspects. Content production is particularly important for SEO and often very resource-intensive in online retail. Specifically, product texts and category texts, including brand texts.

With ChatGPT, you can now handle this yourself, negating the need for expensive writers and agencies. This offers several advantages:

  • Significantly cheaper – ChatGPT is free
  • Consistently higher quality – uniform text quality
  • More enjoyable work for content editors – immediate feedback and complete flexibility in the process
  • Much faster – no lead time
  • Quicker feedback from Google in terms of ranking and traffic

Create Category Texts with ChatGPT

All e-retailers know that having texts for categories, subcategories, and brand pages is good for SEO. However, many don’t realize that it’s a sheer waste of resources to pay for 200–500 words per page. While these texts are not very valuable for the user, they are beneficial for SEO, as they give Google more information for ranking and classifying the content.

The solution is to use ChatGPT to write these texts.

Prompt for Category Text

Here is a prompt you can use in ChatGPT to write a category text, filter text, or brand text:

“Act as tech content writer, Write text for e- commerce website category page. The page is about iPhones. Include information about iPhone models and variations. Add country and city to text as [Country] and [City] Write intro text Write on what main characteristics should user look to choose right iPhone Add table with available iPhone models and series and prices. Add FAQ about iPhone buying. Write 4 questions and answers.“

Below is a sample of the output:

Kategoritext från chatgpt

You can use the prompt above and adjust it to your circumstances.

Writing Product Texts with ChatGPT

When it comes to products, e-retailers often face a dilemma: Should we copy product texts from suppliers or write them ourselves?

Copying is not good, as the same text is used repeatedly on many sites, which can negatively affect SEO. Having someone write the product texts is also not ideal due to cost, especially when most e-retailers have hundreds or thousands of products.

ChatGPT solves this dilemma.

Prompt for Product Text

Here is a sample prompt:

“Write a product description for e-commerce product page which includes intro text, product general description, main characteristics, price, description of users experience about product. 

The text should describe product and call to buy this product Text should contain one list, one table and headings H2, H3 

Use the text below:

[copy paste product product text the producer of the sunscreen]”

Below is an example of a rewritten product description for Nivea sunscreen from the producer.

Product text generated by ChatGPT

Limitations of Using ChatGPT for SEO

You might think Google would frown upon AI-generated content, but that’s not the case. What Google says is that AI can be used to generate content, but a human should proofread, edit, and improve it.

It’s not just for Google’s sake that you should review the content. ChatGPT occasionally makes mistakes like spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and factual errors.

Despite some limitations, AI via ChatGPT is a great  tool for simplifying, improving, and making your e-commerce SEO more efficient. Resources previously spent on writers can now be invested in higher-return activities.

About the author

This post was written by Christian Rudolf, founder and CEO of the SEO and Content Agency Topdog. Christian has 20 years of SEO experience, 10 of which were as an SEO consultant. Besides his interest in his work, Christian likes his pug Malte the Magnet and enjoys meditating. Follow me on LinkedIn: Here you can also ask me questions, and I will assist you.


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