Geggamoja’s Targeted Out-of-Stock Signup

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Geggamoja offers a wide range of children’s clothing, and just like any other store with physical products, the stock can vary. To make sure visitors don’t miss out on products coming back in stock, they’ve implemented the useful out-of-stock notification feature. But, why should the customers and visitors you recognize have to fill out the form with their email address? They don’t. Not if you do it like Geggamoja.

How they did it

To reduce friction and create an even smoother experience for identified visitors, Geggamoja used Triggerbee’s embedded campaign template with two variants, one for identified visitors, and another for unidentified. Through data and behavioral segmentation, they’re able to match the right variant with the right person and personalize their product page.

If you’re unidentified, you will see a message for an out-of-stock product to “Monitor product” and in the next step be asked for an email address for future communication.

However, if you are identified, it’s a single-click button that registers your interest without any extra effort of filling out a form.

This dynamic personalization using the onsite marketing platform Triggerbee helps Geggamoja improve the customer experience, keeping the content dynamic and relevant based on identification and ultimately reducing friction.

Geggamoja's Targeted Out-of-Stock Signup
Jimmy Gök

⚙️ Main Features Used

  • Triggerbee embedded template
  • Campaign variants
  • Triggerbee forms

🎯 Targeting

  • CRM audience targeting
  • Page-level targeting

Geggamoja’s Targeted Out-of-Stock Signup


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