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Cerveras Post-Purchase CSAT survey

Cerveras Post-Purchase CSAT survey

Challenge Cervera wanted to better understand their customers sentiment after going through the customer journey on their website. Customer satisfaction is a critical metric for Cervera as it directly impacts customer loyalty, repeat sales, and overall brand reputation. How they did it Cervera built and published a CSAT survey using Triggerbee’s survey functionality. They used …

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How to write survey questions

How to write survey questions

Everyone thinks that they are good at writing survey questions. But the truth is that collecting useful responses is harder than it seems. TLDR; Don’t use surveys when you can get the data from other tools Use simple, sharp, and clear language Don’t use double-barrel questions Keep survey questions to a minimum Don’t use leading …

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Parfym's Welcome Discount Popup

Parfym’s Welcome Discount Popup

Challenge Parfym wanted to capture new email subscribers to grow their email list and segment their subscribers based on gender. How they did it Installed Triggerbee on for visitor tracking and engagement Published a welcome discount to capture emails and gender data about new subscribers Used the UTM-tag condition in Triggerbee to not show …

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Bubbleroom's Embedded USPs

Bubbleroom’s Embedded USPs

Challenge Use USPs to affect the customer behavior on product pages. How they did it They used an embedded Triggerbee campaign placed on product pages to push USPs like free shipping and delivery times. Due to its wide and unintrusive placement, the campaign got 2.1 million views on their site.

Breakit's Newsletter Preference Form

Breakit’s Newsletter Preference Form

Challenge Breakit launched niche newsletters and wanted to collect new preferences from current users. How they did it They launched a Triggerbee form to collect preferences for their new niche newsletters, only visible to logged-in users. This allowed them to update customer profiles for more accurately targeted newsletters.

Cellbes Embedded Autumn Quiz

Cellbes Embedded Autumn Quiz

Challenge Cellbes wanted to engage existing members using a contest. How they did it They placed an embedded quiz form on the logged-in profile view, to have members participate and enter the contest. By also asking for the email address again when submitting the form, they could make sure that they had the correct email …

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Affärsvärlden's Subscription Offer Panel

Affärsvärlden’s Subscription Offer Panel

Challenge Affärsvärlden wanted to increase their subscriptions by pushing their First month-offer. How they did it They launched a Triggerbee panel campaign to lead interested non-subscribers to the subscription signup flow.

Jula's Customer Satisfaction Survey

Jula’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Challenge Jula wanted to gauge customer satisfaction during the purchasing process. How they did it They placed a Triggerbee survey in the Checkout to gauge customer satisfaction, by asking the shopper to rate their experience from “disappointing” to “awesome”, leading to hundreds of responses (and counting).