Felix is a self-taught marketer and the head of marketing at Triggerbee. He is specialized in SEO, content marketing and copywriting. Outside of work you can find him playing with his son, listening to podcasts, or watching documentaries.

a_delivery | Triggerbee Partners

a_delivery | Triggerbee Partners

We are a company that specializes in providing growth solutions to publishers and marketers with the assistance of adtech and martech. Our consulting services encompass everything between data quality and technology implementation for our clients and those within our group. Our group consists of a web agency, social media experts, and other specialists, which enables

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Bizzkit logo

Bizzkit | Triggerbee Partners

Bizzkit offers a strong software foundation for ambitious B2C webshops and B2B commerce solutions. It is a digital commerce platform combines PIM, DAM and CMS along with offering tailormade integrations using the best of breed approach. Bizzkit’s flexible architecture and full APIs ensure that you can easily add unique features and integrate with other systems

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Roiroi | Triggerbee Partners

Roiroi | Triggerbee Partners

ROIROI is an e-commerce agency for fast-growing brands. We have extensive experience with both small and large companies and we work with many of the strongest brands in the Nordic region. We offer everything from strategic advice on digital marketing to operational help when it comes to advertising, but also technical project management when it

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Ebbot | Triggerbee Partners

Ebbot | Triggerbee Partners

AI Chatbot: background Demands for availability and quick resolution and feedback of customer issues are increasing. Chat is rapidly growing as the preferred channel for contacting customer service across all age groups. The AI technology NLP gives the modern chatbot the ability to understand human intentions in written text, which together with the platform’s design

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Omniarch | Triggerbee Partners

The industry’s brightest stars in e-commerce, digitalisation and business development under one roof. Omniarch helps companies that want to become competitive by turning over all the stones in their own organisation and finding improvement potential in e-commerce, marketing and loyalty management from the customer’s perspective.

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Avensia | Triggerbee Partners

Our passion is to connect the dots of modern digital commerce. We’ve helped shape modern commerce solutions for some of the best-known and most demanding retailers and B2B businesses. At the heart of our success is our unique mix of technical experts and experienced strategists. The ability to bring new retail e-commerce ideas and strategies

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IONA studio

Iona Studio | Triggerbee Partners

Iona is a global digital agency focused in UX and Development. We design and build global eCommerce sites and services. Our work ranges from startups to global direct-to-consumer businesses wanting to accelerate their online sales and building totally new digital business operations. Iona provides services ranging from digital strategy to design and development of concrete

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