Turn Mailchimp and Pipedrive Into Hubspot

If you integrate Triggerbee with Mailchimp you can communicate with your subscribers based on their behavior and interests on your website, and only send them content you know they want to read.

Higher engagement, more meaningful conversations and better insights about your subscribers are just a few clicks away. 

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"Triggerbee has helped us increase visitor engagement on our website and our conversion rate. In addition, the support from the team is superb with a fast response time which I appreciate. Contact me if you'd like a customer review."
Filip Samuelsson
CEO and Founder
Biloffert Sverige AB
"In only 9 months, we added more than 97,089 new subscribers to our newsletter using Triggerbee's widgets! Triggerbee has proven to be a very effective tool for collecting data from visitors coming to our online store!"
Mats Pääjärvi
Head of Ecommerce
iDeal Of Sweden
"In just 6 months we have generated over 7,000+ new email subscribers with Triggerbee's sign-up forms, and we can personalize our communication to them based on what they're interest in on our website."
Emma Agnesson
Marketing Coordinator

Here's how it works



1. Send Out Your Campaign

Give Freddie a high-five and send out your campaign to your list. 

Mailchimp Freddie

2. Triggerbee Starts Tracking

As soon as your subscriber's lands on your website, Triggerbee starts tracking their, behavior, activity, and interests.

When they click on a button on your website, fills out a form, or visits any page, Triggerbee will collect that information and build a subscriber profile based on their behavior.

Track subscriber activity

3. Segment Your Next E-mail Campaign Based on Your Subscriber's Behavior

When your subscriber is done browsing, Triggerbee automatically updates their profile in your Mailchimp account with their activity from your website. 

That means the next time you send out an email campaign, you can target subscribers interested in a specific area on your website, who performed a specific action, or follow up with the ones that didn't take action on your offer.

Triggerbee sends information from the website to mailchimp

Take the Guesswork Out of E-mail Marketing

Sure you can send out newsletters, but with the ability to customize and personalize your emails to each individual contact, why would you want to broadcast? If you know what your subscribers do when they visit your website, you can avoid sending out emails to those who either have no interest in an offer or have already signed up for a particular one.

Take the guesswork out of email marketing and focus on building meaningful relationships with your subscribers, leads, and prospects instead.


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Capture More Emails and Grow Your E-mail List

Create more meaningful conversations

Engage website visitors and subscribers based on their behavior, and personalize the on-site experience.

With Triggerbee you can display overlays and forms to your visitors based on who they are, where they come from and their activity on your website. 

When someone converts in your form, you 

checkmark Create Deadline campaigns

checkmark Give away special offers to subscribers

checkmark Capture visitors before they leave your website

checkmark Collect Consent from new subscribers

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