Seamlessly integrate your Mailchimp account with Triggerbee so you can start tracking subscriber activity and behaviour on your website today.

Triggerbee syncs your subscribers interest profile on your website with Mailchimp every 24 hours. That means you can segment and personalize your next email campaign based on what your subscribers are interested in. 

 Understand what your subscribers do on your website
 Segment your subscribers based on website activity
 Grow your email list
 Automatically sync website activity with list fields.


See how our customers automate Mailchimp: 


When someone signs up for a demo, send them to a list in Mailchimp, and update a field.


When someone downloads a whitepaper, send them to a list in Mailchimp and create or update a person in Pipedrive.


When a subscriber watched your entire embedded product video, update a field in Mailchimp.


When a subscriber visits a “Thank you”-page, create a new deal in Pipedrive.


When a visitor converts in your popup: Add him to a list in Mailchimp, create a Deal in Pipedrive, assign a sales person to that lead and send a welcome email via Mandrill.


When a known lead chats with you: Update the Pipedrive Deal and Contact, then send a follow-up email after 24 hours through Mandrill.


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