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Marketing Automation for Pipedrive

Identify prospects visiting your website, close deals faster with sales automation and boost website conversions


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checkmark  Spend LESS time prospecting by sending weekly lead reports directly to your sales team.

checkmark  Close deals faster by automatically creating deals, contacts and sales tasks in Pipedrive.

checkmark  Identify people visiting your website and discover business opportunities fast.

checkmark  Explode your website conversions by displaying personalized messages based on visitor activity or interest.

Track Your Pipedrive Contacts

With Triggerbee, you can be present at every step of the customer journey. Tracks website activities from your Pipedrive contacts and Email subscribers, identify companies visiting your website and discover business opportunities in your traffic - in real-time.

Send leads to pipedrive

"Triggerbee is an integral part of everything we do. Our sales team can provide offers based on our leads interests, and we can understand what our website visitors do before they complete their purchase."
Martin Lundmark
Visa Uppskattning
"Triggerbee lets us work with our choice of email marketing platform and our choice of CRM. The cost paid off in the first month."
Emil Robertsson

Spend less time prospecting

Your Website Without Triggerbee 😢

Your website without Triggerbee

Your Website WITH Triggerbee 😍

Your website with Triggerbee

Explode Website Conversions

Explode your website conversion rate

Convert visitors into leads with personalized Widgets. Display and tailor your messages to visitors based on their actions, their interests, who they are and where they come from. Send converted leads automatically to Mailchimp and Pipedrive for further nurturing.

Go ahead, try our example widgets below.

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Make Selling Easier With Automations

Don't spend hours managing tasks and entries in your Pipedrive account. Triggerbee lets you save hours (or even days!) with automated workflows that create deals, adds contacts and moves prospects in your pipeline based on their activity on your website.

Sell more with automations

Integrate Pipedrive and Mailchimp

With Triggerbee you get to keep your current tools and use the data you already have in Pipedrive or Mailchimp to make selling easier. Use Pipedrive to keep track of your deals, and let Triggerbee automate sales tasks based on your leads website activity. Connect your email system to identify subscribers coming from your newsletters.  

Integrate your tools with Triggerbee

Stay two steps ahead of your competition

There's no other tool with the same real-time integration to Pipedrive as Triggerbee. There's no other tool that lets you automatically move prospects between the steps in your Pipedrive pipeline, and there's no other tool that lets you see when your Pipedrive contacts, newsletter subscribers, leads and companies are visiting your website, what they are doing, and what they are interested in.

Triggerbee lets you stay two steps ahead of your competition, and Pipedrive lets you stay organized and manage your sales tasks.


Try Triggerbee free for 14 days!

Identify people visiting your website, close deals faster with sales automation and boost website conversions

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