The Best Apps are Better together

Companies that use Sales & Marketing Automation gets on average 451% more qualified leads. 

Automate your salesfunnel and nurture leads with Triggerbee and Pipedrive.

Triggerbee makes it easy to track your leads and how they behave on your website.

You can push lead behaviour to Pipedrive and an E-mail service like Mailchimp.

You can set up advanced automations to create and update deals inside Pipedrive, set up notifications that goes straight to your salesteam and move your prospects forward in your sales funnel. 




 Connect website activities with Pipedrive

 Schedule sales calls (and send reminders) based on website activities

 Create a flow between email marketing, your website and Pipedrive

 Update Deals and Companies with leadscore, website interest and form signups

 Move deals down your Pipeline


Triggerbee is one of my favourite finds this year. I consider Triggerbee a "Must-have" for any B2B marketer serious about gaining more insight into their online users.
Raiha Buchanan
Digital Marketing Manager
House of Radon



See how our customers automate Pipedrive:

Assign new leads to your sales team when your subscribers click on a link in your email campaigns and downloads a PDF with your pricing information on your website.

If a visitor fills out a contact form on your website, create a new deal in Pipedrive.

When someone signs up for your newsletter: Add them to a list in Mailchimp, send them a welcome email using Mandrill and update the person in Pipedrive saying that they are subscribers.

When someone logs in to your customer portal for the first time, update the person in Pipedrive and give them a note saying they are active customers.

When someone signs up for a personal demo, create a new deal and person in Pipedrive, and assign a sales person to your new lead.




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