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Reach your goals faster with the help of our customer success team. We can help you create custom campaigns, train your team on how to use Triggerbee, help you optimize your performance and much more.

Anna, Frida och Karin på Triggerbee

Available services

  • Email and chat support regarding Triggerbee’s functionality between 09-17 CET.
  • Access to video library with training and tutorial videos.
  • Documentation
  • We will set up your account & train your team how to use Triggerbee.
  • We will create and prepare 3-4 templates with a design of your choice
  • Other basic settings in the account (audiences, event tracking, consent settings, colors, fonts)
  • Assist in connecting your email system/CRM (from the ones we support)
  • Follow-up meeting

PRICE for the entire package: €1200 + €50 for each additional domain in your license.

  • Support (see above)
  • Starter Package (see below)
  • Dedicated Success Manager (see below)
  • Training of new staff: included once per year (see below)
  • Campaign Production Standard: included twice per year (see below)

Price Information

  • Included in licences over €340/month
  • Available for purchase at €120/month
  • Billed annually.

Your dedicated success manager guides you to success through strategies, tips, and in-depth knowledge of our product.

  • Check-ins, ideas, draft campaigns, review of product updates.
  • In-depth support. The opportunity to call if you have an urgent question.
  • Possibility of meetings & check-ins.
  • Most customers occasionally onboard new staff who need to work with Triggerbee. Naturally, we assist you with training for your new users.

  • Training will be held in an online meeting. On-site visits can be quoted.

PRICE: €200 (included in the SUCCESS package)

  • Design and targeting of a template/campaign of normal complexity, such as a signup campaign, referral campaign, or micro-poll.
  • Two rounds of feedback from the customer.
  • Publication and follow-up after one month.

PRICE: €250 (one campaign per year is included in the SUCCESS-package)

  • Design, targeting, and customized help of a template/campaign with a high degree of complexity.
  • e.g., Quiz, Advent Calendars, longer surveys, buying intent, Abandoned carts, and other creative campaigns.
  • Publication and follow-up after one month.

PRICE: Quoted


"I have received helpful advice and support from my contact person.”

Tiina Tauru, Online visual merchandiser | KICKS


"The support from Triggerbee is amazing."

Vasilika A


"Friendly and easy-going staff that helped a lot with onboarding and any questions i had."

Emma E