Convert your users into paying customers

You have thirty days of activating a user to a paying customer. The clock is ticking.

With Triggerbee you can setup an activation campaign using email and strategies to convert test users into paying customers after signup.

See what milestones every user achieves. Push them forward with event driven messages and email. Triggerbee connects with your email service provider and measures what users are reading your onboarding emails, what users are logging into your service and what features they activate.

Using directed messages you can greet each visitor with a unique message, such as flatter, recommendations, offer to call them etc.

Lean back and see the conversion rate go through the roof.

Key Metric values

What activity in your product / service is it that immediately captures a user. Is it when they start inviting collegues? When they integrate with an external application= Measure and find out with Triggerbee. Use these insights to trim the activitation period. See what users need that little extra push to get started. Then let Triggerbee work for you and raising the conversion rate and your revenue.