People 360° Analytics

Get Insights With People 360° Profiles

Follow your visitor on their journey from first time visitor to paying customer. Analyze customer behavior and be more proactive in both product development and communication. Build visitor profiles over time, regardless of device used. See how engaged they are in your sites and apps.

Evaluate different visitor patterns – in which way are certain patterns connected to high conversion? In which way are particular types of visitors more prone to convert?

Use the outcome of your analyses to create new ways of pushing your relevant visitors to relevant sections of your web site, or to action. The analyses and the profiling tools enables you to do Marketing Automation activities in an informed way – replace guesstimates with knowledge-based predictions of which response to expect from your automated communication efforts.

Give your prospects a little nudge – lead them from try to buy.

See what your visitors have done from their very first visit – what makes them tick and what features they use. Being able to act well-informed and knowledgeable will help you in sales- and support calls. Make sure you keep initiative over prospects on the verge of losing their engagement.

Visitor Profiling builds intelligence. Over time, you will become closer to your visitors, whether they are customers or have the potential to become customers. All in all, Triggerbees Customer Analytics will help you better understand your visitors’ needs and buttons, something you will benefit from in your business, and in the race with competition.