Personalized content

Real-time content adjustment on your web pages gives your audience a warm and welcoming feeling. Boost conversion rates and visitor satisfaction by presenting content dynamically triggered by visitors’ behavior, profile and areas of interest. Use your existing CMS. Just add the intelligence of Triggerbee.

Allow your web pages to present dynamic content tailored by what Triggerbee knows about your visitors. Triggerbee’s built-in capacity for constant advanced learning about your visitors offers you great potential to establish more and more accuracy in your customer dialogues. Besides using this valuable intelligence in your e-mail marketing, sales and customer service, you can now add dynamic pages to that list. Tailor your web pages’ content quick and easy with Triggerbee’s Dynamic Page Wizard – add precise audience content on any web page. Do it in real time and do it automatically.

Let the visitors know that you really do understand them – simply by giving them what is relevant for them right on the page they’re at. Meet dozens of visitor segments parallel. It’s easy: use what Triggerbee already knows about your audience, and give each visitor what is relevant during their visit. Adapt the contents of an entire page or part of it. Using dynamic web pages will once and for all release you from the difficulties of trying to make visitors follow a certain path on your website, simply since you can now push the content you want to any page. And most important of all, you do not need a new CMS. Use your current CMS – just add Triggerbee, and watch your VSI (Visitor Satisfaction Index) and your conversion rates sky rocket.